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Tracking Software Support 

As your tracking software provider, we promise:

  • Your GPS Commander products and solutions are bundled with full support services. 
  • We provide a variety of simple, efficient ways to contact us, from email to telephone. 
  • Support is provided by our knowledgable, genuine team of support staff. 
  • Turnkey systems come with all required hardware and software as a total solution that is pre-staged, configured and tested prior to shipping. Our team coordinates the equipment arrival on-site and plans for hands-on training so the process is stress-free for you and your staff. 
  • If you’ve chosen to proceed with your own hardware, we are happy to assist with training and turn-up via remove communication. 
  • All dispatch systems are packaged with a comprehensive annual support agreement that ensures our clients that their system will remain reliable over the long term. Clients have the option of selecting standard business hour support or premium support with 24/7 emergency help desk.
  • Our support agreements therefore include all software upgrades. This is important because in reality, there is no such thing as a software program that is complete. Programs are constantly being upgraded and improved, with new features and changes that extend their reliability and utility for the customer. A support agreement ensures that your system remains operating at peak efficiency, with enhanced functionality, year over year.
  • GPS Commander, our industry leading GPS tracking solutions, are sold on a monthly subscription basis and come with round the clock support included at no extra charge. All GPS Commander systems also include a lifetime limited hardware warranty, an industry first.

GPS Commander Dispatch System Training 

All dispatch systems provided by Future Quest are bundled with a comprehensive training package so that our customers can maximize their return on investment. History shows that effectively trained customers are much happier with our company and their purchase decision. In addition, they are able to more fully utilize the valuable tools we provide.

GPS Commander GPS tracking systems also include no-cost customer training.

The vast majority of our training takes place on-line, over the internet. While we offer on-site training, we have found on-line training to more cost effective and less disruptive to our customers as a general rule. On-line training is provided with a hands-on approach and can be scheduled to suit the customer’s needs during slow periods. It also allows a graduated training method that builds employee confidence and competence, one or two hours at a time.