Taxi Commander Taxi Hailing App

Taxi Commander Taxi Hailing App

Taxi Commander, a division of Future Quest Wireless Inc. is pleased today to release the Taxi Commander Taxi Hailing App v2.0. The app is a second generation complete re-design that builds on the first generation design and extensive customer feedback. Taxi Commander is an extensive cloud-based dispatch platform available to suit virtually any size fleet’s needs or budget. The passenger app can work with any of the 4 versions of Taxi Commander available.

Taxi Commander Taxi Hailing App Features

The app is available in Android and Apple iOS (iPhone) versions and supports the following features:

  • In-App Payment
  • Price Estimation
  • Gratuity Estimation
  • Automated Receipts
  • Auto Fleet Branding
  • Display Closest Vehicles
  • ETA and Distance Estimation
  • Customer Choose Vehicle
  • Customer Call-Out
  • Follow Taxi Arrival
  • Google Places
  • Future Trip Scheduling
  • International Roaming

The Taxi Commander Taxi Hailing App is very simple to use. Upon launching the app, it displays the pickup address automatically, which the user can then keep or change. The passenger can now drag and drop a pin for the destination, type an address, choose a previous address or lookup a popular place. With the pickup and drop-off addresses defined, the distance, price and gratuity are now estimated and the 5 closest available vehicles are shown. The customer may simply press submit and let the system choose the closest car or touch on one of the closest cars to see its ETA, distance and driver’s credentials. Once a driver has been chosen or the reservation submitted, the assigned vehicle can be followed on the passengers smartphone map.

Upon arrival, the Taxi Commander Taxi Hailing App will notify the passenger accordingly. The passenger can then respond with one touch that they are coming to the cab, whereupon the driver is informed.

At the end of the ride, the final fare is displayed on the passenger’s smartphone, along with the gratuity, which them may be adjusted. If In-App payment was chosen, the passenger is free to leave the vehicle immediately and the passenger may now rate the experience.

FQ Wireless anticipates widespread adoption of the new version by all of its fleets, as many of its features were widely requested. In addition to using the Hailing App with integrated Taxi Commander Dispatch Systems, the company is receiving a great deal of interest in the Taxi Commander TNC solution, which provides a direct peer-to-peer method of automated dispatch without the need for a traditional dispatch system. A TNC system can be used to provide city-wide app booking as a means for taxi companies to compete with ride sharing companies such as Uber.


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