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Taxi Commander

For taxi fleets that want to offer exceptional service to their customers

Taxi Commander gets you up and running quickly, at a low cost, but then never runs out of headroom.


True Cloud

  • No software to install or maintain
  • Dispatch remotely from anywhere
  • Secure high-level encryption
  • High reliability design
  • Baked-in support
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All In One

  • Powerful, fast trip entry
  • Web, kiosk & app booking
  • Flexible trip pricing
  • Closest GPS auto dispatch
  • Trip & vehicle mapping
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Simple Terms

  • No long-term contracts
  • Low set-up costs
  • Reasonable monthly fees
  • Included training videos
  • Age-in-place upgrades
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Web App Booking

  • Book trips from any smartphone
  • Future or asap trip booking
  • Trip price estimates
  • En-route and arrived message updates
  • Optional in-app payment
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Kiosk & Web Trip Booking

  • Accept trips from your website
  • One touck kiosk booking
  • Fast, beautiful reservation entry
  • Trip price estimation
  • Real-time trip progress alerts and follow
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Flexible Trip Pricing

  • Configurable soft meter rates
  • Create multi-line rate codes
  • Hide any rate from driver & passenger
  • Specify commission on each price line item
  • Create custom rates for any account
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Live Support

  • Accessible, responsive personnel
  • Business hour live helpdesk
  • 24x7 emergency response
  • Live training on startup
  • Video training library
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Beautiful, Affordable, Easy To Use

Taxi Commander Basic gives you everything you need to hit the ground running. Accept trips by call-taker, web booker or smartphone. Take phone reservations quickly with pop-up reservation history, Google address auto-complete and Google Places. Provide pricing estimates on the fly. Visualize your orders on our beautiful map, color coded by status, along with the live location of your vehicles, which are also color coded by status. Dispatch calls automatically to the closest car or manually assign them right from the map. Take advantage of our powerful soft meter or create your own rates.

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Visual Dispatching & Tracking

Taxi Commander includes an easy-to-use Visual Dispatch Console, that shows the location and color coded status of your vehicles as they move about, as well as the location and color coded status of your trip reservations. With Visual Dispatch, you can assign, unassign or cancel trips with a simple touch of the mouse. See at a quick glance, which trips have not been assigned, which vehicles are available and whic h vehicles are the closest to the trip you wish to assign.

Advanced Visual Dispatch features are also included for live traffic, weather and even real-time messaging to your drivers. Historical GPS playback lets you visualize any driver’s previous activity, showing not only their point-by-point location history, but color coded trip status along each point.

Integrated Billing & Accounts Receivable

Taxi Commander Professional’s integrated Billing & Accounts Receivable capability allows fleets to create, print and email transportation invoices, credit notes, statements and aging reports for their corporate clients with just a few mouse clicks. Taxi Commander also tracks customer payments.

Powerful Built-In Driver Cashiering

The driver cashiering system simplifies and automates the tracking of all driver shifts, leases, dispatch fees, commissions and even driver loans with interest. Taxi Commander eliminates manual processing involved in using a third party accounting system, as well as time consuming spreadsheets for calulating driver compensation. This results in a substantial savings in wasted labor costs, while eliminating inefficient manual processes.

Extensive Reporting

Extensive reporting capability is baked into the system to allow fleet managers to keep abreast of a wide range of fleet performance indicators at all times. The back office functionality included in Taxi Commander Professional is accompanied by custom branded invoices, statements and aging reports. Standard additional reports include trip performance by driver, trip performance by vehicle and trip performance by account.

Additional reports are included for driver trip manifests, standing order schedules, trip price changes by staff member, trip editing changes by staff member, trip status history, trip detail history by passenger, driver, account and vehicle. Custom reports are available.

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