TNC Dispatch System Launched by Taxi Commander

Taxi Commander is pleased to release its TNC dispatch system, designed to provide peer-to-peer (P2P) dispatch capabilities in a new market predominantly created by Uber. The new acronym “TNC” is defined by Wikipedia as follows: “A transportation network company (TNC) connects paying passengers with drivers who provide the transportation on their own non-commercial vehicles. All parties connect to the service via website and mobile apps.”

While Uber bullies its way through municipalities throughout the world, governing entities are scurrying to amend existing laws or draft new legislation as a means to legitimize Uber’s operations. As a result, we’re seeing a trend towards creation of a level playing field between incumbent taxi operations and new ride sharing upstarts, or at least between the upstarts themselves.

At the end of the day, Uber will not be the only successful Ride Sharing company or TNC. The new rules are typically less onerous than the rules invoked over generations in the taxi industry, a highly regulated market. Who better to leverage these reduced barriers to entry and less restrictive rules than experienced passenger transportation companies, such as taxi fleets?

Taxi Commander TNC Dispatch System is a complete, scalable platform that includes a passenger app for hailing a ride, a driver app for receiving a ride request and everything in-between. What is unique about this -who doesn’t have a passenger and driver app these days?

First, Taxi Commander is designed from the outset to provide a national or international footprint. For example, let’s say you started a TNC in a single city, with ambitions to grow it beyond. Let’s say that it is all branded to your name. With Taxi Commander, when one of your consumers (passengers) travels outside of your market area, then opens your passenger app to book a ride, it will re-brand itself automatically in that new market to another fleet provider with our technology! (If your fleet authorized this)

Secondly, Taxi Commander is provided as a turnkey solution, at a low enough cost that it can co-exist with a fleet’s existing traditional dispatch system. For example, it can become the vehicle for combining efforts with your fleet competitors as a means of competing more effectively with ride sharing companies. In a given market, each licensed taxi fleet could maintain their independence and their existing dispatch system, but adopt a common single passenger app in order to combine their marketing efforts and maximize customer service. Each driver, regardless of the fleet would run the Taxi Commander Driver App on their personal smartphones. The system will dispatch the closest taxi to the passenger automatically, or the one that the passenger chose when booking the ride.

What makes the Taxi Commander TNC Dispatch System different from our Taxi Commander Basic, Advanced and Professional systems or from any other dispatch system for that matter? Primarily, the concept of a TNC system is to be used in a P2P (Peer to Peer) environment -or a direct B2C Business to Consumer scenario, where the consumer interfaces directly to the driver, without the need for a manned dispatch centre or any call-takers. Secondly, costs are kept low by utilizing the driver’s personal smartphone and by foregoing some of the more advanced features. The good news is that Taxi Commander TNC it can be scaled up seamlessly if your needs change. We call it Age In Place.

Applications for a TNC Dispatch System

Taxi Commander TNC is not restricted to Ride Sharing companies. It is only restricted by the imagination of our clients. Whether your vision is to run the largest pizza delivery service in the country or dispatch ice cream delivery (Sorry Uber!) Taxi Commander TNC may provide a highly effective and affordable engine to do so. Be the next disrupter…


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