GPS Tracking FAQ

GPS Tracking FAQ -Devices

Q. What is involved with installing GPS Commander devices?

A. Ranger CT truck GPS tracking devices require a simple installation that involves connecting power, ground and ignition, then hiding the truck GPS device out of sight, such as up under the dash. Many of our clients perform their own installations. GPS Commander can also arrange to have your GPS devices professionally installed. A typical installation rate into a half-ton truck would be approximately $65.00.

Scout PT personal tracking is simply downloaded to your phone over the air. Ranger CT, Rover TT and Explorer AT GPS tracking devices are very simple to install –we have install guides and are here to help.

Q. Is there a choice of antennas on the installed units?

A. Rover Trailer Tracking and Explorer Asset Tracking units come only with integrated antennas, as they are designed to be self contained for simple installation. Ranger CT tracking units for commercial vehicle tracking are available with fully integrated antennas or external antennas -your choice. Please note that integrated antennas are recommended for a covert installation. For commercial applications, if you are more concerned with raw performance than hiding the unit, we recommend external antennas on Ranger CT. You may choose from a glass mount antenna or a low profile, roof mount, hard hat style antenna. Please note, the roof mount version requires a 3/4 inch hole to be drilled in the roof:)

Q. Why isn’t installation included?

A. Many of our competitors will bundle installation into their GPS tracking packages, which may provide the impression that installation is free. Often, the GPS device and installation are bundled together with no capital outlay and a simple monthly payment. However, a 3 year contract is typically required and if you do the math, you may end up paying 2 to 3 times the price that GPS Commander would charge. If you like the idea of not having to pay up front for the installation and GPS device, please call us -we’ll work something out that is attractive!

Q. What is the difference between integrated and external antennas?

A. Integrated antennas are used more extensively in this industry -mainly because it tends to be less costly and because it tends to make the installation more “covert”. Many of our clients prefer external antennas however, because they improve both GPS and cellular coverage performance. External antennas also can simplify installation because it does not matter where the GPS device is located in the vehicle, as it does not need to “see the sky” as do units with integrated antennas.

GPS Tracking FAQ -Coverage

Q. What is the coverage provided for Ranger CT installed GPS vehicle tracking devices?

A. Ranger CT is available in 3 different versions: CDMA, HSPA or GPRS in order that we can support all the major cellular networks.

Unless specifically specified otherwise, GPS Commander has standardized on HSPA devices, as these are 3.5G devices with a longer timeline that the others. The HSPA devices we provide are supported in the USA by AT&T and T-Mobile, by all carriers in Canada and by Telcel in Mexico.

From a cost standpoint, GPRS devices are the least expensive, but they are now supported only by T-Mobile in the USA and Rogers in Canada. If you prefer to use GPRS, be sure and verify that the coverage will suffice with these networks.

The next least-most costly devices are CDMA, which are still supported in the US by Sprint and Verizon. These are no longer supported in Canada. In the US, if you prefer Verizon CDMA versus HSPA on AT&T, please let us know.  See the coverage links below.

Q. With Ranger CT, how should I choose between the different versions?

A. From a technology and operational standpoint, there is no advantage one way or the other -all of these cellular protocols work equally well for GPS tracking. Therefore, the decision on which version to use comes down to a combination of coverage, price and longevity. GPRS version Ranger CT devices are currently less costly than CDMA or HSPA version units, however GPRS is considered 2G and has been phased out by AT&T in the US and will likely be phased out by Rogers in Canada and Telcel in Mexico over the next few years.  Call us if this is all too confusing and we’ll help you decide.

GPRS Coverage

CDMA Coverage

HSPA Coverage

Q. What cellular networks does Scout PT support?

A. On Scout PT for personal tracking, we do not provide the smartphones –customers provide their own iPhone, Android or Blackberry devices and these smartphones are available in many different cellular formats from many different cellular carriers. We simply provide a tracking application that is downloaded onto each phone over the air. The coverage you will receive on your Smartphone for GPS tracking with GPS Commander using Scout PT will the same as your voice coverage.

Q. Which smartphone models is Scout PT compatible with?

All iPhones and Android phones will work, as well as most modern Blackberry devices. Please call us if you would like to check a certain model.

GPS Tracking FAQ -Setup

Q. What is required to install the Ranger CT GPS tracking device into my vehicles?

A. First, you will connect the positive and negative wires of the provided fused wiring harness directly to your vehicle battery. Then, install the ignition sense wire to a source on your vehicle that receives power when the vehicle is running. If any inputs are required, such as PTO on, door open, alarm system, etc., then connect those wires to the appropriate input source. If your Ranger CT has external antennas, then route the antenna cable to the antenna location and install the antenna. Two external antenna models are offered: an adhesive glass mount model or a roof mounted low-profile, hard hat style, which requires that a 3/4 inch hole is drilled in the roof. Finally, tie wrap the Ranger CT in an easy to access, yet obscure locations, such as under the dash.

Q. What is required to install Scout PT for personal tracking of cell phones?

A. Once you place your order for Scout PT, you will be emailed a link. When you click on this link from your cell phones, the Scout PT application will be installed onto your cell phone(s). A simple user guide will be included that provides instructions how to authorize this application on your phones

Q. What is involved in installing Rover TT Trailer Tracking or Explorer AT Asset Tracking devices?

A. These units come in two different hardware models, depending on the plan you choose. Explorer AT Discovery Plan and Rover TT Inventory Plan units are completely self contained with extended life integrated batteries. Therefore, there is nothing to connect. Simply choose a mounting location such as the roof of a trailer or someplace on the asset that can see the sky, then mount it and you are done. For other Explorer AT and Rover TT versions, these units are both self powered and externally powered. Therefore, run the power and input connections, mount the unit and you are finished!

Q. Is any training provide?

A. Yes, GPS Commander provides unlimited training at no cost.

GPS Tracking FAQ -Pricing

Q. How do I find out the pricing on GPS Commander Products?

A. Click on the pricing link, then click the start here button on the Choose Your Device box. This will allow you to generate an instant detailed quotation based on your needs.

You will see an on-line quotation without having to provide any contact details. Then, click the “Email Quote” button to send a personalized GPS tracking quote to yourself by email. We will not disclose your contact details to anyone and we will not email or contact you unless you ask us to.

When you are ready to proceed, click the Buy Now button in the quote you received or click the Sign Up button.

Q. How does GPS Commander provide Online GPS tracking service at such low prices?

A. First, we eliminated all sales channels, so there are no commission fees, sales expenses, travel costs or any other costs associated with maintaining direct sales people, sales managers or dealer sales channels. Secondly, we created volume based wholesale buying agreements with leading wireless carriers. Thirdly, we direct source state of the art hardware contracts in high volume from leading manufacturers and custom designed the programming and feature sets. Finally, we created a tracking portal and direct marketing channel that is easy to use and reduces the need for excessive inside sales support.